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Information for Authors

Welcome, authors!  Thank you for considering Adventure Bound Books as a place for your stories to live and reach readers. We love celebrating stories!  Due to the overwhelming number of requests that we receive from authors to consider specific books for our inventory and for events, we are finding it necessary to streamline our process for considering books for the shelves and our events calendar.  We will continue to update these processes as needed, so please be sure to check back regularly for the most up-to-date way to let us know about your book.  Please also read this article from an author about best practices when working with Independent Bookstores - there is valuable information here!

We find that we typically hear from two types of authors - traditionally published authors and authors who are self-published or published with print-on-demand publishers.  Therefore, we have two options that we typically offer authors as we consider your book for our shelves and how to share your story with readers: 

If the books are traditionally published and the bookstore can purchase the books directly through the publisher at industry-standard terms, then we usually work with a publicist, and on rare occasion the author, to set up an author event. If you are in this category of authors, please have your publicist reach out to us to discuss virtual and in-person event opportunities. 

If the books are self-published, published by a hybrid publisher, or published by a print-on-demand publisher, we have two opportunities for you.  Angela will meet with authors on a quarterly basis at an Author Pitch.  These will be limited to eight (8) authors at each Pitch.  You can sign up by calling the bookstore (and asking to register for the Author Pitch event, not to pitch your book over the phone).  Authors should bring a copy of the book they are pitching and an information/sales sheet listing pricing information, any pertinent reviews, intended audience, and contact information for the author.  Each Author Pitch will last one hour and we will update the schedule regularly (check the Events Calendar); the first Pitch is scheduled for June 8th.  

Self-published/Indie Authors may also be interested in our Indie Author Showcase.  Previously held twice per year, we are going to move to a once-a-year event and focus our energy on our late fall event, just before the winter holidays, as it has been the most successful for our authors to date.  Interested authors should complete the form and are welcome to email the bookstore ( to let us know you completed the form for consideration. Authors will receive a confirmation by October 15th.   Multiple authors attend these events, each getting a table to set up at and from which to engage customers in conversation around their book(s).  If an author does really well at a Showcase event, meaning they sell a significant number of books, or we hear positive feedback from customers, we may consider hosting an individual event for them. 


Please note: When we carry an indie author's book in the bookstore, we ask that the author include a link to our e-commerce website for book ordering, as well as mention "available at Adventure Bound Books" or a link to and a mention that the books are available "where books are purchased".  If we find that an author's social media and website continue to only list Amazon as the place to purchaes them will no longer be carried in our bookstore.  When we carry an indie author's book in the store, we will, most often, purchase them from the author directly (we do not purchase books from Amazon).  If an indie author’s book is available through distributor markets at industry-standard terms, we can restock that way and this allows us to special order copies of the book if we run out of inventory but have a customer interested in the book.  Ingram Book Group and Ingram Sparks work with indie authors and hybrid publishers to offer books that are returnable and are available at an industry standard minimum discount of 40%.  You can learn more from IBG/Ingram Sparks.