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Free Books for Classrooms

Free Books for Classrooms!


If you are an educator in grades Pre-K through 12th, you are eligible to receive free books for your classroom from Adventure Bound Books!

How To Sign Up & Earn Credit

  1. Contact Angela ( at the store to set up your classroom account (if you have a personal Customer Loyalty account, the classroom account will be separate). Angela will assign you a unique classroom code for your students to use.
  2. Share the code you are assigned with parents of students in your class. Let them know that they can either give your code or your name and school at check-out any time they are purchasing books at the store. The more they spend at the bookstore, the more classroom store credit you earn! They can also mention your code or name/school in the Order Comments when they order online from us and we’ll be able to add that to your percentages earned. 
  3. You will earn classroom store credit based on what your students’ families spend at the store. Your classroom store credit can be used on new and used books in the store, just like cash.


How Store Credit Is Earned

There are two (2) ratios involved in how our program works for you. The first ratio is a 15:1 ratio, meaning that for every $15 your students’ families spend at the store, you earn $1 in classroom credit.

For example:
Collectively, parents spend $150 at the store over any period of time, and each time they let us know your teacher code or name/school. Your classroom account then earns $10 in store credit that you can spend on any books or educational products in the store for your classroom.

(Based on our understanding, similar programs that offer points and free books to teachers work slightly differently: $150 spent by parents would earn 150 points for the teacher, which could be spent to “buy” one (1) or maybe two (2) books. Our hope is that our ratios get you more spending credit, as well as greater diversity in book options). 

The second ratio is a 1:1 ratio. For every $1 in classroom credit you’ve earned, you have $1 to spend like cash on books.


But Wait! There’s More!

  1. You and parents of your students are not limited to purchasing products from just one publisher. This, in turn, offers a diverse range of books for them (and you!) to choose from.


  1. Just like always, if there is a book you’d like to purchase for your classroom that isn’t on the shelf yet, we can special order it and you can use your store credit to cover it.


You May be Wondering:

  • I have a Customer Loyalty account at the bookstore already. Why do I need a separate classroom account?
    Personal accounts at the store allow you to earn frequent buyer coupons (FBCs), based on money you spend for your personal purchases, and also apply your 10% educator discount to your purchases. Classroom accounts do not allow for the accrual of FBCs because the spending power on those is based on others’ purchases.
  • How do I check the balance of my classroom store credit?
    Stop by the store, call, or email Angela ( and ask for your balance.
  • Does my classroom store credit expire?
    No! We do, however, encourage you to use your store credit within the academic year in which it was accrued to honor the purchases made by the students’ parents in your class at the time.
  • Can I only tell my students' families about supporting my classroom account at Adventure Bound Books?

No!  You can tell anyone (family, friends, neighbors, Taco Tuesday dinner buddy) about helping your classroom earn free books. All they have to do is mention your class code or name/school at check out. 

Call, email, or stop by with any other questions!



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