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Silent Book Club

We're bringing back Silent Book Club from before the days of the pandemic lock down!  If you don't remember what this is, it's exactly what it sounds like - a silent book club.  We're offering you a cozy space to come and read something from your TBR pile or whatever book you're currently reading, in as much silence as a bookstore can offer.  Bring your own book and your own snack if you like to snack and read.  Bring a friend if you'd like.  Book Club will run for an hour and there is an OPTIONAL time to share with others about the book you're reading.  It's the perfect book club for introverts, and the perfect excuse to add some reading time into your morning.  And stick around to try coffee and chocolate from our friends at High Taste Artisan Products before you leave! 

Event Date: 
Saturday, January 28, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:00am
117 W. Union St.
Morganton, NC 28655