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Educators' Page

Educators & librarians, we are so grateful for all you do, yearlong, for our students and communities!  We can never do enough to thank you.  We do, however, try to offer perks and rewards as often as we can.  This page is dedicated to you and accessing all of the resources you may find helpful in the work you do.  

Every Day Discount - We offer educators a 10% discount every day on all the things you purchase from us!  Simply let us know that you are an educator when you're checking out at the bookstore.  And if you'd like to get a discount code to use online when you shop from our website, email  

Free Audiobooks  - Every month, our audiobook partner offers a selection of free audiobooks to educators, librarians, booksellers, and influencers.  If you are interested in setting up a FREE Libro.FM account and requesting to be a part of the ALC program, email us at to receive information on next steps or view more information here

Free Books for Classrooms If your teaching situation is one where you have a dedicated classroom of students, or a dedicated library, we have a program where you can earn free books for your classroom.  You can read more here, and if you'd like to set up a Free Books For Classrooms Teacher account at the bookstore, email  

Book Fairs - We host schools for book fair fundraisers and we'd love to help your school raise money, too!  Book Fairs run from 3 - 6 days of the week, scheduled at a time that is good for the school and the bookstore, and a portion of the proceeds from sells during the Book Fair are donated to the fundraising school.  We've had schools earn anywhere from $250 to $700 at their first book fair, with the potential to grow the event each year!  Email for more information. 

Other Resources & Support via Q & A

I teach college level courses.  Am I still eligible for the educator resources?

Yes!  I (Angela) was always disappointed when I couldn't receive an educator's discount at chain bookstores just because I taught graduate courses. So, I decided that we'd do things different here!

I am a homeschool educator.  Am I eligible for the educator resources?

Because some of the resources are powered by partners, we don't have the ability to offer these to homeschool educators.  BUT, the ones we do have direct purview of (every day discount, for example) are available to homeschool educators.  AND if you are part of a homeschool cooperative, we are happy to offer you Book Fair/fundraiser opportunities, Free Books for Classrooms for your Co-Op, and more.  Just reach out to Angela for ways to get started. 

I need a Class Set of books for my students.  Can you help me with that?

Yes! We can work with you and your school to get larger quantities of a title for a class set.  A base discount of 15% off the publisher’s SRP applies (except on print-on-demand or non-traditionally published titles).  Many publishers like to help us work with and support schools and classrooms and depending on the quantity needed and the publisher of your title, we may be able to offer a greater discount.

I want to create a Wish List of books, puzzles, and games for my classroom to share with my students’ families.  Can you help me with that?

Yes!  You can create a Wish List online or complete a paper Wish List.  Online Wish Lists can be completed at  If you set the Wish List to private, you can still share it by emailing the link to the Wish List.  You can also choose to leave it public and it will be searchable by others.

If you’d like to complete a paper Wish List, ask your bookseller for one, then turn it back in to your bookseller to keep at the front for you.  Tell your supporters they can ask to see your Wish List when they shop with us.  As items are purchased from your list, we’ll mark it off so you don’t end up with more than you hoped to get.  We can let you know when your list is nearing completion and you can add to it any time.

My class does a poetry unit and I’m looking for a place to hold a Poetry Slam/Open Mic.  Can you help me with that?

Yes!  We host Poetry Slams/Open Mic events for classrooms annually.  Ask Angela about getting your class scheduled.  We can even offer you a time for your event before the bookstore opens for the day so that you can have your students in the store without having to also contend with bookstore traffic for the day.

My class does a unit on business/entrepreneurship and I’d like to have my class hear from a local business owner.  Can you help me with that?

Yes!  We have hosted school classes at the bookstore to discuss the history of the bookstore, with Angela talking about business topics and answering questions.  Angela has also traveled to schools to talk to classrooms about being a business owner.  Speak with Angela about scheduling.

I have an idea for partnering with/collaborating with the bookstore.  What’s the best way to explore if it’s something we can get started/launched?

Reach out to Angela via email ( or call the bookstore.  If you’d like to talk with Angela in person, reach out using one of these modalities and ask to schedule a time to meet.